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Autism Wishes seeks to educate and raise awareness of Autism. We grant wishes to children and adults with Autism and support local Projects that promote the betterness and the wellbeing of those with Autism.

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Walk for Autism Fun Day
16 July 2016 at 12 to 4pm
Wrecsam Rugby Club
Plenty to do for all the family.



Kyle Nuttall Slater wished for an I pad to download apps and to facetime Mum.

Fatima Butt wished for a laptop to watch her films and help her do her school work.

Ryu Pinnington wished for a summer house so that he could have his own space and calm down.

Henry D’arcy asked for a playstation 4 so that he could interact with his friends.

Rocco and Jayden Hart wished for tablets to help them concentrate and aid speech and language.

Leon Butler asked for a laptop to develop his interest in annimations and help him concentrate.

Charlie Bird wished for a tablet to encourage him to go out on social situations as he does not like going places.

Luke Chugg wishes for a keyboard as his interests are playing music.

Finley Pankhurst wanted a climbing frame for his garden as he likes being high up and having his own space.

Tommy Coviington wished for something to play with in the garden and chose a climbing and swing combo.

Corey Edgecome had his wish of a tablet so that he could play his favourite game, mine craft and create his own films.

Adam Bareham had his wish for a laptop to do some coding! Also to watch YouTube and mine craft.

Gracy Williams asked for a Wendy house so that she can have her own space and wanted to have one like her friend.

Leo and Oliver Draper asked for a computer as they excel in computer programmes at school, they also received a tablet so that there will be space for both to play.

Daniel Pennington – Duck had a wish for a trampoline to help him with sensory stimulation and coordination. Daniel loves his garden as he gets anxious when going out, it will also benefit his health and get rid of some energy that may help with is sleep.

Mohammed Hussain asked for a tablet as he has severe speech and language difficulties. A tablet will help hi to communicate verbally through educational apps and you tube videos.

Kai Lawrence wanted a tablet as he loves anything electrical. This will enable him to play his favourite game of mine craft and watch you tube videos.

Jayden Harrison wished for a tablet to watch videos and play games as he had broken his. The tablet helps him destress.

Shanade Hill wanted a tablet as her brother had one and would not share! This would make her feel special.

Matt Wolf is homeless and finds it difficult to socialise. His day centre thought a tablet would help him as he could play games and watch videos in peace and give him some independence.

Abigail Wiggins needed things to make her room inviting so that she can go to when feeling anxious. She had a bean bag, CD player and bubble lamp.

Mathew Stroud wished for a gaming chair as he has built his own computer. He does not ask for a lot but wanted a black and red chair.

Alvin Phagami wanted a tablet to play games and watch you tube. His tablet will be a distraction when he gets frustrated and to give him more independence.

Ryan Dickens wanted PlayStation as he struggles in social situations. His friend has a computer and Ryan would b able to share his own with his friend.

Jack Holleworth wishes to go and see Lion King in London as he had enjoyed the experience at panto over Christmas.

Muhammad Ibrahim wished for a tablet to help calm him down at times of stress. He can also learn and develop new skills that will help with his education.

Dexter Dawson wished for a6 foot bubble tube as he loves the one they hire from the library. Dexter is highly stimulated and the bubbles help him relax.

Elizabeth Goldie wished for a summer house in her garden as she spends all her time in her bedroom, the house will help her get out and enjoy some fresh air.

Karl Morris wished for a Gohstbusters firehouse headquarters from Lego as he enjoys building with Lego when he feels stressed and anxious.

Christian Summers wished for an army tank experience so that he can feel and enjoy the movement and move the gears. He loves anything to do with the army.

Darcie Turner-Smith wished for a vegetable planter as she has tortoises that eat her vegetables! Hopefully Darcie may be encouraged to eat the vegetables that she grows.

Chloe Winsley wished to go and see Disneys frozen on ice as she loves anything ‘Frozen’. Her dream will come true.

Nathan Sharp wished for items for his garden, a windy day set, tidy garden set and a butterfly garden. Nathan loves visiting sensory gardens, now he can have his own.

Ashton Henderson needed a trampoline as he found the garden boring. A trampoline would make a huge difference for Nathan.

Jake, Jemma and Ellie Whiteside wished for a Lego table to encourage them to play nicely together. They were also granted a big bucket of Lego to enjoy.

Tyler Jay Getchell wished for a trip to Chester zoo as he loves animals. Nathan was given a mere cat experience that he, Mum and Nana could enjoy.


Alfie’s Wish

6 year old Alfies mum sent in an application for her son…”Alfie is a lovely little boy who sadly struggles with socialising with others. However, one of the things he just loves to do is sing and dance. He loves Disney and all the princesses and will wear a Disney dress and do performances for us.

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Darcey’s Wish

Darcey is very socially isolated and doesn’t socialise outside the family circle. She is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and we regularly have to sit through all the films every few days.

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Louis’s Wish

Louis loves any sort of planes. He wants to be a pilot in the RAF when he is older. He is fascinated by all types and can tell you anything about them. Planes are his obsession and love in life.

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George’s Wish

The Trustees received an application from 7 year old Georges’ parents telling us all about him.

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David’s Wish

The Trustees were contacted about 33 year old David by his wife. In addition to a diagnosis of Aspergers, David struggles with severe depression and anxiety.

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Ashley’s Wish

Ashley is a wonderful young man who loves computers, computer games, watching Postman Pat, Fireman Sam and the Chipmunks.

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Jamie’s Wish

Jamie (26) contacted Autism Wishes with a very special kind of wish…

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Elissa’s Wish

Elissa is 4 years old and non verbal, but her mum knows just how much she loves climbing, bouncing, exploring and loves to be in enclosed spaces.

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Cameron’s Wish

Cameron is a young man who has a passion for anything digger related and just loved spending time researching as much as he could about them, collecting them too.

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Oliver’s Wish

Autism Wishes were contacted for Oliver who wished for a laptop.

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Bethany’s Wish

16 year old Bethany is a lovely young lady with severe autism. She is unable to speak or write, and is home educated.

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Mason’s Wish

5 year old Mason is just mad about animals. His wish was to be able to have a day out at Chester Zoo where he could visit and see them all.

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Dominic’s Wish

Back in May, the Team received an application for 5 year old Dominic who just loved playing in his garden on his beloved trampoline.

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Zac’s Wish

Say hello to 6 year old Zac. Zac has always loved trampolines and had his own from when he was 2. Sadly, over the years, the trampoline was weather beaten and eventually became unsafe for use.

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Lincoln’s Wish

Super excited for 9 year old Lincoln who loves anything Dr Who related. Could Autism Wishes help grant him a wish?

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Lillie-Rae’s Wish

10 year old Lillie Rae loved her trampoline and spent lots of time on it, but over time it had got worn and bad weather made it unsafe for her to use.

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Kaeden’s Wish

5 year old Kaeden loves the park and playing on the swings and the slide. Unfortunately having no sense of danger meant that his parents found it difficult to take him to the park.

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David’s Wish

18 year old David loves the computer, and spending time researching retro television programmes and history.

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Kenneth’s Wish

Kenneth is a 19 year old young man with Aspergers Syndrome. Kenneth contacted us to ask if he was able to have an Ipad.

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Robert’s Wish

Robert is a gentleman aged 20 who has a diagnosis of Autism and developmental delay. Robert had a keen interest in music.

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Sam’s Wish

Sam is a lovely young man who loves the Ipad. With three sisters, his time was limited on an Ipad as he had to share time.

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Rhys’s Wish

Meet 14 year old Rhys ! Rhys was diagnosed with Aspergers and Dyspraxia. Rhys mum wrote to us requesting a trampoline for Rhys.

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Jason’s Wish

Meet 16 year old Jason ! Jasons mum wrote to us for a wish for Jason who loves animals, in particular Meerkats.

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Daniel’s Wish

Daniels mum wrote into Autism Wishes asking if we would consider an Ipad for him. He has very little language and uses the Ipad in school to further his development and speech.

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Archie’s Wish

Archie has confidence issues, as well as his Autism, and had asked for an Ipad to help him catch up in school.

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Malakai’s Wish

Malakai has Autism but in addition some very serious health issues. His love was football, and in particular Wrexham Football Club.

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Niamh’s Wish

Niamh is a beautiful 10 year old with Autism and learning difficulties. She lives along the North Wales coast with her family.

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Jack’s Wish

Saturday 22nd was a very special night for 9 year old Jack Thomas. Jacks love of Michael Jackson has spanned his years, and thanks to being nominated by Scott and Sharon James, Autism Wishes in conjunction with James Jackson and Team made a wish come true for Jack.

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Maya’s Wish

Autism Wishes, in conjunction with Aerial Studios in Wrexham, arranged for Maya to spend some time in the studio where she got to record a song of her choice. Maya was also presented with a silver necklace with a star pendant, to remind her that she is a little star.

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Adam’s Wish

14 year Adam has always had a passion for coaches. He is an extremely bright young man and what he doesn’t know about coaches is nobody’s business. It was a great pleasure to meet him and his dad and spend some time with them as Autism Wishes granted his wish, in conjunction with Pats Coaches.

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Declan’s Wish

The Team at Autism Wishes, in association with Malpas Tractors, was delighted to have been able to grant Declan his wish. Declan spent some time with Charlie on his farm and enjoyed his time asking lots of questions, having a ride on the various tractors, and even driving one of them with Charlie by his side.

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Henry Phillips received a karaoke machine and is so excited as he loves singing.

Adams wish, one very happy young man

Lana with her new tablet.

Dawid ,Jakub, Amelia wished for a computer an IPad and Lego table with Lego and were very pleased with their wish.

Freddie with his laptop

Tyler Jay enjoyed a family visit to the zoo

Alfie delighted with his laptop

Abigail’s chill out room with her bubble lamp

Kai very happy now he can communicate with his friends

Corey with his iPad